Max Weinberg on Team LENO?!

max weinberg Max Weinberg on Team LENO?!

There are rumors floating around out there that Max Weinberg, who was the band leader for Conan O’Brien, is now on Team Leno.

You can’t always believe these so-called “sources,” but they say Max is ready to jump ship from Conan, and join Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.”

If it is true, it is possible, because Kevin Eubanks, said he is planning on leaving late-night TV to do his own thing.

The source said that Max has always wanted to be the band leader on “The Tonight Show” and his short stint with Conan O’Brien wasn’t enough. 

Another way this story COULD be true, is that a few of the band members are taking part in Conan’s comedy tour, but Max is not.

I’ll keep you posted.  Do you think Max would be a good fit with Jay Leno?  I’m inclined to say no.  (Photo by Nicholas Del Pesco/Getty Images)


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