Does Angelina Jolie’s Inner Thigh Tattoo say “Whiskey Bravo”?

whiskey bravo angelena jolie for brad pitt Does Angelina Jolies Inner Thigh Tattoo say Whiskey Bravo?

Angelina Jolie recently revealed that her new inner thigh tattoo was for Brad Pitt. BUT – she wouldn’t reveal what it says. Well, thanks to technology, and more specifically Photoshop, we may have an answer! In a recent Vanity Fair photo shoot it shows the exposed tattoo. So, of course, someone blew up the picture, and although it is extremely blurry, believes it says “Whiskey Bravo”. Doesn’t think it makes any sense? Well, in the military alphabet, W is Whiskey, and B is Bravo. And WB are Brad’s first and middle initials — William Bradley as in William Bradley Pitt aka Brad Pitt.


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