The Star Morning Show Talks About: BOOBS!

pam anderson1 The Star Morning Show Talks About: BOOBS!

This morning I (Bubba) brought up a subject.  Monday I was out and saw a woman with ginormous fake boobs.  She was showing them off for the world to see!  Not hiding them a bit. I was thinking…does she want me to look?  If I look I am a pig.  If I don’t look I am a liar!  So, here was the subject for today.  If you are a woman with big or fake or big fake boobs, and wear low cut tops…do you want us to look?  If you are woman that does not have those, what are your thoughts for women that show them off like that? 

  • Samantha

    Mine are not extra huge, but when I do put them out there I love to see the guys who are in your situation. The ones who are trying hard not to look. That shows me that you respect me, but still want what I have to offer.

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