America’s Got Talent Winner Says He Doesn’t Need The Money

michaelgrimm1011 Americas Got Talent Winner Says He Doesnt Need The Money

He just won $1 million but America’s Got Talent winner, Michael Grimm says he doesn’t plan to spend much of  it on himself.  He says he does want to build his grandparents a house with his winnings, but besides that, Michael plans to be charitable rather than splurge on himself:

I was also wondering what he said to 10 year old Jackie Evancho right after he won.  He gave her a hug, then got face to face with her and was saying something.  I thought maybe he was asking her if she was alright…I was close:

For now, Jackie will be returning to school, and a semi-normal, life but my guess is she will have an amazing career.

(Audio courtesy of Launch Radio Networks)

  • lynn

    Is Bubba ‘slow’? He was ranting about whether or not the station would play Michael Grimm. It’s a TOP 40 station…you play American Idol winners…not blues singers. Your station wouldn’t play Jackie Evancho either…DUH!

  • Judith Henderson

    Is there any way to check the supposed results? The winner should have placed 4th. All 3 of the other acts had more talent than the winner. If he won because of his sob story, they should rename the show to America`s greatest sob story. The greatest talent definately did not win. If the contest is on the up and up, it proves that Americans who voted were idiots!!!

  • Mark H

    I don’t think Grimm can do much with his money. last years winner the chicken farmer (forgot his name) didn’t take his own show in vegas. Also the 1 Million is paid out over 40 years at 25k a year. This years winner only gets to headline a show instead of having your own show.

  • Scott

    You hit the nail on the head, Judith. This guy shouldn’t have even made it to he finals! Anyone that voted against Jackie Evancho is a complete moron!

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