How To Stop Stink Bugs

stink bug How To Stop Stink Bugs
Updated with new remedies and warnings!

Stink bugs are invading houses all over Pittsburgh. Listeners are sharing their sure-fire home remedies that have stopped stink bugs at their homes (and warn you about what doesn’t work, too!).. Listeners tell us that…

1) Spraying an area with a mixture of Dawn dishwashing soap and water will repel the stink bugs (several people have told us they’ve tried that with success, others say you have to drown bugs in a jar of the soapy liquid)

2) Brown Listerine will kill stink bugs on contact (who figured that out?)

3) Dropping stink bugs in ammonia will kill them (duh – careful with that ammonia, though)

4) Stuff cracks around your attic windows with paper towels and spray them with Ortho Home Max Defense.

5) The insecticide cypermethrine is supposed to work, but it may be hard to find (it can come in bug bomb form). As always, follow product directions for use.

5) Contrary to rumor, burning bayberry candles does nothing to keep out stink bugs

We can’t endorse any of the above methods. However, the experts say that the best way to stop stink bugs from entering your home is by sealing cracks or openings around utility pipes, chimneys, windows, doors and siding. Repair any holes in door screens. 

Experts say the best way to pick up stink bugs is with a vacuum cleaner hose… but you’re warning us not to do that, because too many bugs in your vacuum bag start to stink. And be careful not to squish the stink bugs, because they’ll stink.

Courtesy of our friends Monty & Zeke of Y108!

If you’ve had success in stopping stink bugs, tell us below.


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