Trends: Timberlake Rocks Social Network

justintimberlake Trends: Timberlake Rocks Social Network

Justin Timberlake has been doing the rounds to promote The Social Network, out today. Trends took a look at his most popular tracks; with no plans to return to the studio it might be all the singer’s fans have for a while.

Timberlake has a huge following on, with 1,453,229 listeners scrobbling his tracks a total of 30,296,834 times. His top five are a cut from some of the hottest pop tracks of the 00’s.

timberlake 001 Trends: Timberlake Rocks Social Network

“SexyBack” storms ahead, with 2,568,421 plays since dropping over four years ago. Recently though it’s the number three single – “Cry Me A River” – that’s been creeping back up the charts. It’s his most popular from the last six months, with 70,845 listeners returning to it since April.

Discover more about ‘Mister JT’s’ fans and the songs they love over at now.


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