Taylor Swift Apologizes To Taylor Lautner

taylor1 Taylor Swift Apologizes To Taylor Lautner

What does Taylor Swift sing about to Taylor Lautner?

[lastfm]Taylor Swift [/lastfm]writes all of her own music mostly.  Her new CD out October 25th called “Speak Now” has many songs dealing with past loves.   Her song “December” is about Taylor Lautner and in that song she apologizes to him.  They broke up last December and she claims he was wonderful to her and she was very very careless with him.  So, she apologizes to him in the song.  It is the first time she has ever apologized to a guy in a song she said.

By: Pascal Le Segretain
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  • Sami

    OH PLEEEAASE!!!!!! He is way better off without her. She is just a spoiled 21 year old going on 14. Her singing is terrible and would not sound good on records if the studio did not enhance her vocals. When she sings on live TV shows and in concert—her singing is so bad that you want to cover your ears. My friends and I left one of her concerts because she sounded so bad and was throwing furniture around and stomping around on stage. She needs to grow up a little.

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