Kurt And The Beast Get Their First Kiss On Glee

gleeboysvsgirls1 Kurt And The Beast Get Their First Kiss On Glee

Excellent episode of Glee last night!

Puck gets back from Juvi after being there for trying to steal an ATM and Will welcomes him back:

 Sam and Finn admit, they think of the football coach when they’re with their girlfriends if they need to “cool off”!!  (Hilarious scenes!)  In fact, Sam’s girlfriend Quinn goes to Sue ask her what to do:

Puck is back and trying to be so cool…Gotta love him..

The “Beast”, better known as the football coach, was sad because the guys thought of HER in order to “cool down” and she wanted to quit.  But Will convinced her not to because he told her she was beautiful inside AND out.  Then he gave her her first kiss!  This was one of the BEST scenes I’ve ever seen.  SO touching…..

AND Kurt gets his first kiss……from the football player who is constantly harrassing him!!!!!!  He wants to switch schools because it’s been so difficult. Then he realizes the football player is obviously hiding a lot!!!

And of course, there was the guys’ school rendition of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream…LOVE THIS!!!!!


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