Kanye Apologizes To Former President Bush

kanye west Kanye Apologizes To Former President Bush

Kanye West went on the Today Show yesterday to formally apologize to former President George W. Bush.  The reason?  For his post-Hurrican Katrina remark that Bush “doesn’t care about black people”:

So, did Bush accept the apology…Well, yeah, but he couldn’t pronounce Kanye’s name!!!

And now, Kanye is mad at Matt Lauer!  While Kanye was giving his apology, the show was airing him interrupting Taylor Swift!  That really got West angry, who after the show, took to Twitter to settle the score.  He accused Matt Lauer of conducting the interview under false pretenses and trying to coerce emotional answers out of him.

Love the George W. Bush clip.  Too funny!!!

(Photo by Jordi Vidal/Getty Images)


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