Glee’s Will Talks About His Love Life

matthew morrison Glees Will Talks About His Love Life

Matthew Morrison, who plays Will on Glee, admits he joined a bible study group in college and a whole lot more!

Not only is he one of People Magazine’s sexiest men, he also admits to Details magazine he was a virgin until he was 21!  He says he joined a bible study group in college and didn’t get with a woman until he was able to legally drink!  He says once he DID find out what it was all about, he definitely had fun.  And he also says he’s not a good friend right now, not a good boyfriend.  He says it’s not that he’s selfish, he’s just focused.   He admits he hasn’t had a real relationship in a long time, saying his job makes it tough. 

LOVE this man….Just sayin’…

(Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images for Macy’s)


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