Bubba’s Things About Christmas That Sound Dirty But Are Not

merry christmas with tree Bubbas Things About Christmas That Sound Dirty But Are Not

Ok….so leave it up to me to go here.  You see we wanted to find more “holiday stuff” to put on the website….so….we all needed to come up with something. I went where my mind alway’s takes me….to dirty! Sorry!  I can’t help myself!

Did you get any under the tree?
I think your balls are hanging too low.
Check out Rudolph’s Honker!
Santa’s sack is really bulging.
Lift up the skirt so I can get a clean breath.
From here you can’t tell if they’re artificial or real.
To get it to stand up straight, try propping it against the wall.

There ya go…..Happy Holiday’s

Bubba Claus


One Comment

  1. Stephanie says:

    another one: Santa’s comin’ down your chemney tonight!

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