All Your Favorite Black n’ Gold Songs!

steelers All Your Favorite Black n Gold Songs!

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore is at Heinz Field on Saturday at 4:30pm.  J.R., Bubba and Shelley the Star Morning Show will be broadcasting live from Mullen’s on the North Shore from 2p – 4p.  We will be playing songs and having a blast.  So…you want those songs???


  • Daniel Klein

    Thank you for listing all the songs! But it’d be nice, right, and proper to list the correct performance credits for the songs…

  • Darlene

    I really loved the song sent in by the 15 year old kid! it was great I think his name was Tdog or something like that you played it fridsay morning, I was hoping to find it here. is that one available for download? if not can you tell me how to get a copy of it.

    • Darlene

      nevermind I didnt realize you put your name under each song instead of the composer’s name…

  • Jorden "J-Dog" Hill

    I am the 15 year old who made the song. My name is J-Dog. You can download the new version of the song for the Jets game right here!

    Thanks alot for all your support!

  • tstaab

    I can’t believe B-B-B-Benny and the Jets is not on this list!

  • Jorden "J-Dog" Hill

    Hey guys you can vote for me as best Steelers song on WTAE:

  • heidi

    Is there a way to purchase these songs? I’ve downloaded them but would like to put them on my ipod.

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