Bubba Says: Valentine’s Day Is Amazing!

valentines day hot gifts Bubba Says: Valentines Day Is Amazing!

Valentine’s Day is amazing.  It is the most lucious of the holiday’s. I (bubba here) just think it might be the greatest holiday ever created.  What could possibly be better, or more important then partaking in Cupid’s arrow and sharing your undying, unfaltering love for another.

Here is why I love Valentine’s day SO MUCH!

Cupid is Creepy!  Hmmm some lil baby flying around in a diaper shooting arrows at people?  Wow…now that is normal!

Roses Die:  I could walk into a flower shop and spend $9.99 for flowers…except on Valentine’s day when I will pay triple that….and in less then a week…they will be dead.

Sappy Love Songs:  Seriously, if you are crying over some sappy love song…chances are you have more issues then Valentine’s day.

Those Chalk Like Candy Hearts:  Why don’t you just grab some sidewalk chalk and eat it??  I bet they would sell more of them if they wrote things like.  I hate you!  You Suck!  I Wish I Would Have Never Met You!

Single people hate it because they don’t have someone and married people hate it because it puts too much pressure on us to spend money and actually think of something romantic and thoughtful….which we all know that we are not!



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