Could Charlie Sheen’s Image Actually Be Getting Better

charlie sheen waving1 Could Charlie Sheens Image Actually Be Getting Better

It’s hard to believe but Charlie Sheen’s image is actually improving, even with all of his troubles! Seriously, what does THAT say about us??

Over a quarter of those surveyed by The Hollywood Reporter said that they view Sheen “much more” or “somewhat more” favorably after his recent antics—which of course includes sevearl drug and porn star filled parties and hospitalizations.  and it’s not hurting  ratings for the show either.  Two and a Half Men is STILL the most watched comedy on television with about 15 million regular viewers.

Oh, and Sheen’s a little upset about the fact that no one has paid the crew members since he’s been off work.  So, TMZ is reporting that Charlie has offered to pay a portion of the salaries they missed because of his rehab–if CBS and Warner Bros. agree to pay the rest.  Sheen claims he’s ready to return to work next week.  But apparently CBS and Warner Bros. are not, and the show will reportedly resume prodution at the end of the month.

Oh Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.  Gotta wonder.  Is he really “rehabbing”?  My guess is no…..


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