Lindsay Lohan Finally Talks About The Accusations Against Her

lindsay in court for jewelry theft1 Lindsay Lohan Finally Talks About The Accusations Against Her

Lindsay Lohan finally spoke out via Twitter yesterday.

Lindsay wants people to know, “she was not raised to lie, cheat or steal.”  She tweeted yesterday that she just wants to be on set again, and left alone to work.  She also tweeted, “FYI, I would never steal in case people are wondering.  Also, what I wear to court shouldn’t be front page news.  It’s just absurd.”

Yeah, but late night talk show hosts can have some fun, right?   Here’s Conan O’Brien talking about the dress she wore to court this week:

Also something interesting…The owner of the store where she allegedly stole the necklace in question says she was hesitant in making the police report.  The police report says Sofia Kaman stated that she did not want to press charges.  She stated that she only wants her necklace returned.


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