Bubba Eats A Stink Bug

stinkbug1 Bubba Eats A Stink Bug

This morning just after 7am Bubba ate a Stink Bug.  Not sure what else there is to say about that?  Disgusting!

  • Monica Tocco

    I LOVE the stink bug song!! Believe me when I tell you guys I kill at least 30-40 stink bugs a day in my house now (in the winter time)…can’t wait until spring. Last summer I had them so bad my friends refused to come to my house! I have tried everything to kill them but I find the only thing that works is flushing them down the toilet! Looking forward to July when the new “stink bug catcher” for the outside is to come out! Can I pre-register for about 20 of them??
    I listen to you on my way to work and I really LOL the entire way! Keep up the great work :) love you guys!!

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