Hines Ward Can Win DWTS

hines Hines Ward Can Win DWTS

By: Chung Sung-Jun Getty

Oh..that smile.  Those football moves.  Those dancing moves.  Yea! Hines can win season 12 of the Dancing With The Stars..wanna know why?

Okay..so not only does he have the Steeler Nation behind him and mainly in Pittsburgh we should single handedly vote ALL our butts off to let him win that Mirror Ball Trophy.

Past competitor football athletes have been good.  Don’t get me wrong.  I was a huge Kurt Warner fan.  I even enjoyed watching Chad Ochocinco dance and flirt with Cheryl Burke his dance partner.

But, what about the contestants up against Hines this year?  Let’s take a brief look..

1.  Kirstie Alley…She is a Golden Globe winning actress and BFF’s with John Travolta and Oprah Winfrey.  It scares me because she has a lot of Hollywood backing her.  She has struggled publicly with her weight and will be a fan favorite with a lot of women that can relate with her personal struggles.  This could hurt Hines, but I still have hope.  Kirstie may try to turn everyone into a scientologist on set and that could hurt her!  Ha!

Dancing experience….SOME

2.  Chris Jericho..6 time WWE champ, author and host of the ABC game show “Downfall.”  He is cute.  He has a huge wrestling following, but on Monday nights..most are watching wrestling and NOT DWTS.  Ha!  No worry here Hines.

Dance Experience..NONE

3.  Sugar Ray Leonard..boxer and the host of ESPN’s “Contender.”  He may be respected and loved and even be able to dance a bit, but I see no issue here for the Steeler Nation votes for Hines!

Dance Experience..SOME

4.  Ralph Macchio..Karate Kid actor, writer, director and producer now.  Well, Ralph is a fan favorite in my opinion.  Who didn’t grow up watching and loving the Karate Kid?  Right?  He may have be a sleeper when it comes to females voting and old school memories for Daniel to win!! Hines..stay on your game with him.

Dance Experience..NONE

5.  Romeo Miller…rapper Master P’s son who is a rapper/singer and sold 10 million records.  Yes..he may be popular and a lot may love him and his great dance moves, but we need to remind everyone that he WITHDREW on season 2 and his Daddy Master P stepped in for him.  QUITTER!  HA!  Romeo is back for season 12.  We shall see.  Hines don’t befriend him.

Dance Experience..YES!

6.  Chelsea Kane..Disney starlet who is BFF’s with the Jonas Brothers.  You know the past Disney competitors have usually made it very far in the voting rounds.  She is something to be concerned of, but a lot of her fans I hope are going to be in BED during the show and won’t be able to vote.  Now, if this was Nick Jonas competing..Hines should be super nervous.

Dance Experience..YES!

7.  Petra Nemcova..model and recovering still from a huge pelvic injury from the Tsunami.  She is a beauty to look at, but past beauties and models never usually make it far.  Why?  I don’t know..Kim Kardashian is beyond beatiful and made it two rounds.  Beauty on DWTS won’t get you far!

Dance Experience..NONE

8.  Kendra Wilkinson..actress on her E! Reality show and model and playboy lady! Well, I must admit..I love Kendra..always have.  Her hubby being NFL player Hank Baskett could be a Hines issue.  He and she may rally the troops to get her votes in the NFL each week.  We need to make sure that doesn’t happen.  A lot of ladies love Kendra too and that could hurt.  But, I still have faith in Hines.

Dance Experience..YES

9.  Wendy Williams..National Radio host..I like her one day and don’t the next.  She may prove to be just too annoying for most people.  She is in your face honest and may cause some enemies that way.  No worries here Hines..although, in the radio/media world..she may solicit tons of votes.

Dance Experience..SOME

10.  Mike Catherwood..WHO?  Yea..that is what I said.  If you love LOVELINE with Dr. Drew Pinsky..then you know Mike.  He is another fixture on radio airwaves and may have that media backing, but we need to curtail that quickly.  Mike who?

Dance Experience..NONE

11.  HINES WARD …Probowler..Wide Receiver for the Steelers and two time Superbowl winner…What does he have going for him?  His looks.  His great attitude.  His Steeler nation support.  His coming off a Superbowl run.  His dance ability and athleticism.

Although..people will HATE.  Jealous people HATE..all the Raves, Browns and Patriots are hating!  UGH!  Don’t let them vote!

GO HINES!  Plus, past athletes that won..Emmitt Smith, Apolo Ohno, Shawn Johnson, Helio Castaveteres, Shawn Johnson…he has a GREAT chance!

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