The “Best Fish Sandwich In The ‘Burgh” Battle Rages On

Fish Sandwich

With Lent comes the search for the best fish in Pittsburgh. With your help we will once-and-for-all determine where to get the best fish sandwich in the area. Please give us your choice in the comments section below. Check back regularly as we update the list daily. And may the best fish sandwich win! Game On!

Here are your choices so far:

Kretzlers on Babcock Blvd. in the North Hills hands down has the best fish sandwich in the ‘Burgh. They make their tartar sauce daily & the potato soup is the bomb!!

4 corners restaurant in new brighton…their fish is AWESOME!!!!!!

Isaly’s in West View is the best fish sandwich in the burgh….

Doridos in South Park. Amazing fish sandwiches!!!

Kretzlers for sure! Homemade tartar sauce and cocktail everyday, and our fish sandwiches are amazing by far.

Jude and Jordan
St. Bartholomew’s in Penn Hills on Frankstown Road. New fryers this year, so no long waiting lines!

Neids Bar-Butler Street in Lawrenceville. Awesome fish…just ask the regulars.

I think the BEST fish sandwich in Pittsburgh is at Stinky’s Bar and Grill at 4900 Hatfield Street in Lawrenceville. They have 2 sizes the Codmother and the Codfather and both are huge but so very very good so Stinky’s bar and Grill definitely has my vote for the Best Fish Sandwich in Pittsburgh!!!

Fratangelos on Brodhead Rd, Moon Twp. Take out sandwich or dinners. Sandwich is huge and AWESOME. Great price, too.

Spadafora’s Bar and Restaurant, Allison Park

Manor Grille in Manor, PA a little outside the city but great fish, homemade coleslaw, pierogies and much more.

nobody beats wholeys fish sandwich.

Willies Tavern on Babcock Blvd near Mars has a huge great tasting fish sandwich.

The best fish plus sides I have found is at St John Vianney Parish @ 823 Climax St, Pgh 15210 (the former St George’s).

Best fish “fins” down is the Holy Trinity Cathedral fish fry at the American Serbian Club in South Side. Every Friday thru April 15th. Lunch and dinner. Take out, too. 412.431.9351.

Kretzlers on babcock blvd has the best fish in the burgh. I am not a huge fan of fish, but the fish at kretzlers is so good that I don’t even mind.

Rocky’s in Carnegie. My father in law lives in vegas now use to drive a truck here and goes to Rocky’s everytime hes in town to get fish from there.

The Original Oyster House in Downtown Market Square is where you want to go to get the best fish sandwich in Pittsburgh. If you don’t go, you’re missing out!

E Town Bar and Grill in Etna has the best Fish Sandwich in the Burgh, hands Down!!!!!!

Etown Bar & Grill has the best fish sandwich in Pittsburgh!!!

E-Town Bar & Grill has the best fish sandwich in the Burgh!

The County Seat Restaurant in Kittanning is all you can eat! They have pan, deep, cajun, broiled, blackened, etc. All you can eat for under 10.00…we have been eating there for over 20 years! Hand breaded too!

Italian American Club in Export. It’s the little old Italian lady in the kitchen that makes the difference.

Mary Lou
Etown bar and Grille best fish in the burgh! Great pice too!

Best fish in Pittsburgh Etown bar and Grille.

Etown bar and grille

E Town Bar and Grill has wonderful Fish Sandwiches. Big enough for two meals. The fish is fresh and delicious

For the best fish sandwich come to e-town. YUM YUM

Etown Bar & Grille, has the best & biggest fish sandwich in the US of A

etown bar and grille has the best fish sandwich in town!!!

E-Towne Bar and Grill has the BEST fish sandwiches in town!!

E-Town Bar and Grille in Etna has the best fish sandwich around!!!

Benkovitz Seafood for the best baked fish sandwich. Neids in Lawrenceville for the best fried fish sandwich.

Tim S.
Mt. Oliver Fire Dept has the BEST Fish Sandwich.. Plus their Crab Cakes with Stewed Tomatoes over top is the BEST!

The Original Oyster House for sure! They know how to make a fish! They are located in Market Square

Zacheral’s Restaurant in Jeanette has the best fish! Be sure to order early!! The wait gets long!!

Segneri’s Italian Restaurant in Coraopolis by far has the best fish sandwich in Pittsburgh. I have been going there for 20 years for their fish sandwiches and have never had better. I highly recommend going and trying out their fish. They also have an incredible clam chowder to!!!

Kretzlers-the Biggest and Best Fish Sandwqich- it is so large you can make two sandwiches out of it- it melts in your mouth- and the sevice is magnificant- stop in try one- you will be so pleased.

Kretzler’s has the best fish sandwich in not only the Pittsburgh area, but in the whole state. Fresh, hot and served to your order in generous portions.

Kretzlers hands down have the best fish in the burgh. The homemade mac & cheese and coleslaw are delicious too! Not to mention the homemade potato soup! mmmmmm…

Kretzlers on Babcock. I love it. Best fish i’ve ever tasted.

E- Town has be best Fish Sandwich! And the people are great there too!

E-Town in Etna is the best fish sandwich I have ever had.

Kretzlers for sure

Etown has the best fish sandwich in the Burgh

E Town bar & Grille in Etna has the best fish sandwich!


E Town Bar & Grille has the BEST Fish Sandwich in Pittsburgh!!!!

E-town has the best fish sandwich in the Burgh!!!

Kretzlers for sure!!!!

Heidi D.
Kretzler’s Tavern in North Hills by far!!!

Janie N.
This definitely has to go to E-Town Bar & Grille! Whenever I’m in the neighborhood I’m fending for what has to be, by far, the best fish sandwich!

Not a big fish fan myself but according to my wife Etown Bar & Grill is where to go.

E-Town has a very tasty fish sandwich.

G Riley
Great fish sandwich E Town
Armon’s in Bloomfield

E Town has the best fish and also great employees!

Katie Frain
etown!!!! great service and great food for a GREAT price!

Etown Bar & Grille in Etna has by far the BEST fish I ever had, not only is it huge it’s hand battered!!!!!

Kretzler”s….. homemade soups too!!!!

John B.
i pick E-town as the best fish sandwich. and best portion also

E Town Bar and Grille has the best fish in town!

E Town has the best fish sandwich in the universe!

Cathy L.
Starlite Lounge in Blawnox has the best fish in the Allegheny Valley. Large enough for two. it is the greatest!

I’ve eaten both etown and Kretzlers fish sandwiches, etown’s is good, but only Kretzler’s is great, really a step above all the rest in the area.

Kretzler’s has the best fish sandwich in the burgh. I used to go there every Friday of lent when I still lived in Pittsburgh. Even though I moved away, I like to stop in when I visit and that is really saying something.

I grew up in Butler county so when I moved to Pittsburgh with my girlfriend, I had no idea what to expect. She insisted that I had to try a fish sandwich from Kretzler’s on Babcock Blvd. I’ve never had a better or bigger fish sandwich. I would have to say that Kretzler’s has the best fish sandwich in the burgh.

Kretzlers definitely has the best fish sandwich in Pittsburgh.

Bobby DeLucia
KRETZLERS has THee fish sandwich! Pair it with thier Potato soup and it tops my favorite meal anywhere.

Grew up in the Pittsburgh area. Kretzlers on Babcock Blvd definitely has the best fish in the burgh.

Bobby’s on Route 51 in Whitehall!

E Town hands down best fish sandwich in the world.

Kretzlers on Babcock Blvd in the North Hills is the best fish sandwich period ! Great sides & a great price !

Assumption Church in Bellevue! Awesome side dishes too. If it has to be a restaurant/bar, I’m going with Rocky’s II in McKees Rocks. Massive sandwiches and cooked just right!

E Town bar and grille! No better fish sandwich in the world!
on a scale of 1-10 its just winning!!!

jackie c
armands in bloomfield. hands down the best!

Not only does E town Bar and Grill have the best fish sandwich, the guy that makes it is FISH!!!!

My vote is for E Town Bar and Grille


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