Do You Think This Is Real?

mickey Do You Think This Is Real?

By: Janette Pellegrini Getty Images Entertainment

Ok….so J.R. this morning played a Disney song.  A guy by the name of Nick Pitera says that Disney was incredibly influential in his life.  He loves to sing songs from Disney movies.  He sings all the parts, both male and female.  I (Bubba) watched the video and I am calling foul!  Looks like he is lip syncing to me.

  • Tam

    It may be possible he is singing a really good falsetto for the female parts. He acknowledges the original performers (Jodi Benson and Lea Salonga) and the voice is the same for all the female portions. I liked it, if it isn’t him it’s only one other person helping him out. :)

  • jr

    Bubba, he could be lip synching on the video and still be the original singer! The point is he’s singing BOTH parts. Great that you would cry foul, but, I’ll give you a lip synch!

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