Top 10 Cheesy Dance Movies That We Can’t Help But Love

jennifer beals frazer harrison getty images Top 10 Cheesy Dance Movies That We Cant Help But Love

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CBS Radio‘s own Michael Catherwood was the first person to get kicked off Dancing With The Stars this season. As we shed a tear for our “co-worker” and read all the news stories about how Oscar-award winning Natalie Portman’s dance double from Black Swan is demanding more credit, we started thinking about how the craze for dance movies and television shows started.

While there has been song-and-dance in musical comedy classics since the dawn of Hollywood, some of our favorite dance movies like Flashdance, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and Center Stage are full of spandex clad dance-offs, lots of cheesy plot points, and tear-jerking moments of inspirational dialogue.

Here are some of our Top 10 Favorite Cheesy Dance Movies that make us want to slip into some neon pink tights and pretend we are on our own Dancing With The Stars.

10. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1985)

sarah jessica parker jemal coutness getty images Top 10 Cheesy Dance Movies That We Cant Help But Love

Photo by Jemal Countess//Getty Images

In Girls Just Want To Have Fun, an exceedingly young Sarah Jessica Parker (probably before she knew about about any sexy happening in any city), played Janey Glenn, the lovable Army brat who just wants to dance–ironically–on her favorite dance show.

Drama ensues, a dance off ensues, and of course, the spandex-loving Janey comes out on top. Why? Because she stopped paying attention to how well she did and decided to “just have fun.”


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