[Interview] Dave Grohl Of Foo Fighters On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star (page 2)

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davegrohlchair [Interview] Dave Grohl Of Foo Fighters On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star

In the end, talent recognizes talent regardless of the forum and Grohl explained the process of wanting to create a documentary and eventually signing Moll on for the job.

“We got a big list. We started thinking about it like maybe a year and a half ago and I thought It was finally time to do a history of the band documentary because I don’t know if anyone has seen that Tom Petty movie? Did you see the [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Tom Petty[/lastfm] documetary? It was four hours long. It was amazing. It was awesome. Thirty years long.”

“And I thought, ‘Maybe we should do it now before we wind up with the ‘Ben Hur’ of rock documentaries. We should probably try to get it finished now…So they gave us a list of directors and then I got the call like, ‘You should come meet this guy James.’ I’m like, ‘What’s he done?’ ‘Oh, just a bunch of Nazi movies.’”

[pullquote quote="You know, you can't really write documentaries. They sort of write themselves."]“The cool thing about it was that rather than go get someone who would have made a really formulaic sort of behind the music type of thing…It was funny because at the meeting I remember saying, ‘OK. Here’s the deal: This is what we’ve done and we’re making the next record in my garage with analog tape and the movie should be like this.’ And James was like, ‘You know, you can’t really write documentaries. They sort of write themselves.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, OK.’ But it made sense.”

“I said to James before, ‘You know, I don’t tell Sony how to make flat screens. They don’t tell me how to make rock records.’ So I won’t tell James how to make movies.”

It seems like it could be difficult dealing with a band in the recording process of what could be their next great album, but Moll stated sincerely that  “all the way through the process, they let me do my thing” and called the Foo Fighters consummate professionals despite the presence of a camera.

“Well, these guys are pros. I’m sure they were always aware of the camera. I mean, I dunno. You’ll have to ask Dave. From our perspective, in my very first meeting with the band, I said ‘I need two things from you guys. One: You need to wear microphones. I need to be able to hear what you are saying. Nobody wants to wear a microphone. But second is–ignore me. Let me be a fly on the wall, don’t play to the cameras. Just do whatever you would do. And eventually I felt kind of ignored.”

“Every now and then, someone would say, ‘Is that going to be in the movie?’”

PAGE 3 Find out what made Dave uncomfortable.

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