[Interview] Dave Grohl Of Foo Fighters On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star

grohlbackside [Interview] Dave Grohl Of Foo Fighters On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star

One of the most monumental, driving plot points of the documentary is the fact that for the first time in years, Grohl and  some of the other members of the Foo Fighters actually opened up to Moll about the goings on in Nirvana. Moll tells the story of how the issue came up, “Starting back with the Nirvana days, I mean that was a question mark because people were saying to me, ‘Whoa. You’re going to interview Dave Grohl? Is he going to talk about Kurt Cobain? Is he going to talk about Nirvana?’ In the end, nothing was off limits.”

Curious, Kevin & Bean told Grohl:

“That does make this momentous, because Dave, you have been, and we’ve discussed this on and off the air in the past, you’ve been notoriously silent on most of the history of Nirvana. You’ve kept it very, very private. I mean, you’ve not spoken much about it.”

“This is kind of breakthrough in terms of fans being able to get the first person perspective on what it was like.”

Still slightly evasive, Grohl answered, explaining why the Foo Fighters thought now as a good time to talk about Nirvana and Cobain:

“We talk about it a bunch in the beginning of the film. Pat too. You know, Pat Smear, our guitarist. He talks a lot about stuff too. You know, it was one of those things where I never really opened up about any of it and sitting down with James, he just somehow pulled it out of all of us. “

“Everything sort of started coming full circle maybe about a year ago where I thought, ‘OK. First of all, I want to do something that we’ve never done before.’ This is the Foo’s 7th record. I don’t want to just go into another big studio and use all the newest gear and make a new t-shirt and go on tour. Whatever. It just seems so boring.”

“So you try to create an experience that will make it more than just a record, you know? And them more that you surround yourself with that kind of experience, the better the album becomes.”[pullquote quote=”I’m a ruthless prick when it comes to working. Get out of my way!”]

“Or the album becomes that experience and so, I thought, ‘Well, if we get Butch and we do it in the garage. We do it to tape and we surround ourselves with our history. and all these things that are real–my children are running around my feet the whole time we’re recording–and Krist Novoselic came down and played on the record. So the whole thing, it really became a life experience.”

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