[Interview] Dave Grohl Of Foo Fighters On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star

davehugerockstar [Interview] Dave Grohl Of Foo Fighters On His New Film, Nirvana, Facing His Demons And Being A Huge Rock Star

The Foo Fighters have always had the reputation of being the big band that doesn’t mind helping out smaller bands. Part of this probably has to do with the fact that none of them really consider themselves rock stars, even going so far as to head back into the garage to record. Grohl elucidated:

“I think there was something cool about being a band that could play in stadiums and headline festivals and be this arena rock band that still goes back to making records in a garage…We don’t have to do anything.”

“I mean, that’s the cool thing about the band. We’re lucky. We never have anyone telling us what to do. We’ve been on my record label for sixteen years…I’m the president of the record label that we record for. It’s ridiculous. It’s maybe a crime.”

Making the record in such a technically antiquated, grassroots way seems a powerful metaphor for Grohl on the state of the music industry and his freedom to do whatever he wants:

“I think after awhile you have this radar where you start playing stuff on a guitar and you think, ‘Oh, that’s kind of cool.’ I don’t even know how to read music, so when I write something…if it’s not worth remembering then I just don’t even care about it.”

“I have a tiny little cassette recorder that if I think something is cool, I’ll put it on that. You know…it’s the same way you would have done it if you were 14-years-old in a garage band.”

[pullquote quote=”Both sides of the brain, dude. Left and right, yo. Whole! Big old brain. Pumping. Stuff!” credit=”Dave Grohl”]“This album is different where we recorded one song at a time. A lot of bands don’t do that. They’ll record all the drums first. And then they’ll put the bass on and then they’ll put the guitar. “

“This one, we wouldn’t move on to the next song until the one we were working on was finished…That was one of the things about using the analog tape was we didn’t have unlimited amounts of tracks”

“It’s twenty-four track tape, so you had twenty-four spaces to fill. Ten of them were drums. Four of them were guitars. Two of them were bass or whatever. And the rest were vocals. That was just all you get.”

“And so, you just had to make sure that what you were going to do made sense. You had to make it count, you know? It was great and I was writing the lyrics to each song as we were recording and after we finished, I listened to it all and said, ‘Oh. I just wrote an album about the making of an album.'”

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