Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas–April 14th-April 21st

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

erykah badu bryan bedder getty images Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas  April 14th April 21st

Pretty Pisces-Erykah Badu: Photo by Bryan Bedder//Getty Images

Pisces, you aren’t a follower. But you aren’t a leader either. You are a creative, compassionate individual and you should treat yourself as such. You aren’t the type that needs to keep up with trends or have a gang of people around you. Don’t force yourself into fitting into anyone else’s mold.

While you can lern a lot from other people by listening to their stories, you can probably learn more from yourself. Just apply their success strategies to what you already know and you should be good as gold.

If you’ve been looking for a little fever-pitched romance lately, you will feel that with the full moon on Sunday. No one will be as seductive and impossibly charming as you. If you are in a relationship, tie yourself to your bed and let your partner have it all. It will be hard to exercise self-control when the universe wants you that much.

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