Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas–April 21st-April 27

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

michelle branch angela weiss getty images Star Power: Weekly Astrological Advice For You & Your Favorite Divas  April 21st April 27

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Dear little Cancer, you want to crawl up into your shell and not come out this week–but that’s not an option. With the Sun moving into your “networking” sector, you will feel pressured to go out and socialize, especially with people in the same industry as you. This will be a good change of pace for you, because you have been borderline (if not a full-blown) workaholic lately. This way you can do your “job” while still having fun.

As disheartening as this is for the less socially inclined, most of a person’s true career is built more on interpersonal connection and not how well they do their job. Cancer’s are good at networking because they like to make sure everyone in the room is happy–if someone can get you out of the house to actually do it.

Although you haven’t really been focused on your love life as of late (read: borderline workaholic), something has happened around you that you might not have noticed. A flirtation, a spark, an interest–whether it’s from your or directed at you and you aren’t aware of it yet. It could be that someone already in a relationship has their eye on you. If that is the case, enjoy it for what it is but don’t go any farther than harmless flirting.


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