You Have To Be Crazy If You’re A Storm Chaser

104161862 You Have To Be Crazy If Youre A Storm Chaser

Photo Courtesy Of Johannes Simon/Getty Images

With all the tornado’s in the past few weeks I’ve seen people doing some crazy stuff on YouTube.  Now I know I’m freaked out by mother nature, after all look at the things she could destroy.  So you would never catch me standing in the back of a truck bed watching a tornado roll through town or even follow it through a mall parking lot.  But theses people were! 

Now I know its some peoples jobs to follow these twisters to study them, and that i’m fine with because they know what there doing.  But some average Joe in his pick up truck is probably not suppose to be chasing a tornado through a Mall parking lot.  Watch how crazy this video is and how big the tornado is.

My prayers are with those that have been hurt and have been affected by these storms.  Just crazy how powerful they are.  Now its time for the second video.  Check these guys out watching it from there truck bed!

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