Cinco De Mayo: Top 10 Tasty Mexican-Inspired Cocktails For Your Fiesta

9 mexico joe mitchell getty images Cinco De Mayo: Top 10 Tasty Mexican Inspired Cocktails For Your Fiesta

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The Cockroach

If you like your Mexican alcoholic beverages straight up, this super strong shot is like fire going down your throat. It would probably be delish with a shot of espresso if you want to get really buckwild.


1.5 Parts Tequila

1 Part of Kahlúa.


1. This drink combines the two great Mexican classics of Tequila and Kahlúa. Pour the tequila and Kahlúa into a glass, and (optionally) set on fire with a lighter. If you light it, pop a straw in the glass and drink! Otherwise this can be enjoyed slowly, on its own or as an after dinner liqueur.

[Source: Mexperience]


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