10 Heard-On-TV/Movies Ray LaMontagne Song Favorites

raydl 10 Heard On TV/Movies Ray LaMontagne Song Favorites

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Tomorrow is the big day for Ray LaMontagne’s Live on Letterman performance. To help prep you for LaMontagne streaming on your computer screen, here’s a look at the man on the big(ish) screen.

Like  it or not, TV shows, movies and even commercials are how many people discover new music these days. One thing that grabbed us, though, is how good the music often is. This past week, for instance, we watched a lot of True Blood, and one particular song that caught our attention was the soulful, husky voice of Americana heartthrob, [lastfm  link_type=”artist_info”]Ray LaMontagne[/lastfm]. It’s not the first time the folk singer-songwriter has been featured on TV and film.

From the popular vampire Twilight series to shows like True Blood and Grey’s Anatomy, here are ten of our recent heard-on-TV/Movie song favorites.

10. Sink your teeth into “Trouble” as heard on True Blood‘s Season One (episode 12).


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