9 Inappropriate Prom Songs

prom pic 9 Inappropriate Prom Songs

By: Kevin Winter Getty Images Entertainment

So, these top 9 songs you’d rather NOT hear when you are dancing with that special someone at your prom this year.  Right?  What are they?  I’m sure you can add to the list, but these top 9 songs are pretty popular hits right now, yet not great to rest your head on your dates neck to.  In fact..these songs should NOT be played at our Replay Second Chance Prom either.  It will break that happy mood!  Ha!

Okay..let’s start in no particular order with…

9.  E.T. [lastfm link_type=””]Katy Perry[/lastfm]   Well, why make your date feel remotely like an alien?  You don’t want to dress like an alien and surely don’t want to feel like one either.  Your kiss is cosmic?  That is one of the lines in the song.  Not the most romantic and cute [lastfm link_type=””]Katy Perry [/lastfm]song to have played.

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