Adele Still Loves Her Ex

adele Adele Still Loves Her Ex

By: Sean Gallup Getty

[lastfm link_type=””]Adele[/lastfm] is opening up more since she is on the cover of OUT magazine.  What does she say about that song “Rolling In The Deep” and the ex boyfriend that inspired it?

So, we know a lot about Adele.  She is a 2 time Grammy winner from her FIRST CD, 19, that won her those awards with that great song “Chasing Pavements.”

She now has the number one selling CD right now in her sophomore debut called 21.  She has her hit song “Rolling In The Deep” on that CD.  She admits in the new magazine article that she is STILL in love with her ex whom that song was written for.  She said that they were perfect for each other.  They finished each others sentences.  They were like twins they were so alike.

Well, then what went wrong?  She doesn’t elaborate too much on that.  She said she’d give up all her hobbies, interests and her fame if she could still be with him just singing in the shower.

Now, her ex isn’t named in the article, but he allegedly feels entitled to a cut of money from her first CD’s success (19) since she wrote a lot of that CD about him.  Really?

Wow.  Okay!


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