First Ever Radio Flash Mob

flashmob First Ever Radio Flash Mob
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Ok …we are trying something.  It will be the first ever Radio Flash Mob.  It will happen on Monday morning at 8:40am.  Here is how it works.  At 8:40am we will play Calli Swagg and “The Dougie”.  No matter where you are….you need to stop….crank your radio and do the dance.  In your office, at the gym, in the car.   We don’t care. Then if you can, video  yourself doing the first ever flash mob!!

Not sure what to do??

Here is a video to help you out!


  • Nikki

    I think this is a great idea.
    What I wanted to ask you though is my school is going to sunset beach on Monday, and I didn’t know if by any chance you could come and do your show? /:) i know that it would be really cool! :) please email me back! :) thanks for your time

    • Shelley

      Unfortunately, we won’t be able to but thank you so much for asking! Have fun though!! Enjoy Sunset Beach!!

      • Nikki

        Alrite, that’s fine!! But thank you very much for answering me back!! :) and thanks!! :)

  • Jenny

    i might be sleeping at 8:40…but i will dougie in my sleep.

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