UFC Last Night And Pat Barry

Last night the UFC came to the Consol Energy Center for the 1st time ever. I (Bubba) was so pumped.  I love the UFC.  Vegas, Mike O’B ,  E and myself made our way to the Consol Energy Center with some beers in hand for a night of fights.  Great seats (I scored 5th row seats last minute) and great fights. 
The main event was Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo.  WHAT A FIGHT! 
On Friday Barry was in the studio and we talked about what it was like to knock someone out. He talked about how that has NEVER happened to him.  Guess what happened to Barry?

In an amazing fight, Patrick Barry got knocked out cold!! I mean eyes rolling back in his head knocked out!!  Now you have to listen to what he said about that kind of knock out on our show Friday.

Me and the crew at UFC

ufcme UFC Last Night And Pat Barry

Made it on the opening of the Versus UFC Live Broadcast

ufctv UFC Last Night And Pat Barry

Our Seats
ufcoct UFC Last Night And Pat Barry

How did I end up with these goofs?

ufcthem UFC Last Night And Pat Barry


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