Bubba Reveals The Secret!

Let me start by saying that this is Bubba. The powers to be here at 100.7 thought it would be funny, or entertaining or something if they withheld the secret from me for the now popular “Secret Game”!  Not sure why they trusted someone like J.R. and not me, but that was their decision.

I made it perfectly clear at that point, if I found out the secret that I would go on the air with it.

Well…..guess who found out the secret?  ME!!!

So guess what I did this morning?

Went on the air and told everyone the secret.  BUT….since I love you our listeners more then J.R. and Shelley and wanted to share with everyone the secret, so that YOU could be a winner too, I went on the air and revealed the secret…but I was dumped. 

What does that mean??  Because we are on delay, J.R. had a chance to dump out of the audio so that you could not hear what the secret was.
So….I figured I would put it online here!  They can’t dump this!


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