Top 10 Ways To Relax On Labor Day Weekend (On The Cheap)

6. Junk Food Movie Night

pizzaafp getty images Top 10 Ways To Relax On Labor Day Weekend (On The Cheap)

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This is our favorite idea ever (mostly because it involves junk food)! We know that we get lambasted for being nation obsessed with junkfood, but many of us are constantly trying to be healthy.

Well, dash that. Choose one day this weekend, rent a bunch of cheesy films, buy the sort of junk food that would make a teenage girl’s sleepover dreams comes true (pizza! chips! licorice!) and just eat and watch bad movies until your heart’s content!

If you have kids, they will think it is the most awesome day ever. And you will have tons of fun just being childish and carefree for once.

Tip: Don’t be hard on yourself the next day! Eating pizza (every once in a while) is fun!

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