Top 10 Ways To Relax On Labor Day Weekend (On The Cheap)

5. Throw A Listening Party

record player leon neal getty images Top 10 Ways To Relax On Labor Day Weekend (On The Cheap)

Photo by Leon Neal//Getty Images

Have you been meaning to organize your music collection or burn all your CDs to your computer? A fun way to do that is throw a listening party. Drag out all your old music, invite over some friends with some of theirs (and their laptops), and share music back and forth.

Play songs for them that you love, make online playlists together to listen to later, have some glasses of wine and just sit back together listening to your favorite obscure jazz album.

In the end, you will get a bunch of new music and newfound appreciation for your music collection (and probably, your friends!)

Tip: If you don’t feel like “organizing,” don’t! You aren’t supposed to work that hard on your day off!


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