Top 10 Ways To Relax On Labor Day Weekend (On The Cheap) (page 9)

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Photo by Oli Scarff//Getty Images

Photo by Oli Scarff//Getty Images

2. Turn Off Your “Devices” & Go Into Nature

relax johannes simon getty images Top 10 Ways To Relax On Labor Day Weekend (On The Cheap)

Photo by Johannes Simon//Getty Images

Yep. Everything. No cell phone (remember 1990?), no computer, no mp3 player. Nothing. Drive yourself to a beautiful, well-maintained trail (or better yet, ride a bike!) with a paper map and a compass and start walking.

Or, go to the beach and just lounge. Whatever you do, try to remember what life was like without all these devices and social media networks to keep us constantly, sometimes annoyingly, connected with everything.

Tip: Your television counts too. Totally disconnect from everything and just sit observing life going by. It’s pretty entertaining.

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