Snooki/Vinny & The Hurt Locker Jersey Shore Style

Snooki from the Jersey Shore has her own sunglass line available now for you! They range in price between 20 -35 dollars.  They are big, bold and full of bling.  Look here!  Simply called Snooki by Nicole Polizzi. 

Vinny from the Jersey Shore is going to be going to a different zip code in November.  He will guest appear on the CW’s 90210.

Have you seen the Jersey Shore movie parody of The Hurt Locker with The Situation, Ronnie and Pauly D? this was kind of funny.  The acting (if you even call it that) is bad.  Read bad.  Makes me believe that MTV’s reality show of them on Jersey Shore is really unscripted.  Because if it was scripted, it would probably look like this!  This is from a year ago!


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