The Simpsons: Canceled?!

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The show has been on the air for 23 seasons, and FOX is threatening that this will be it’s last, unless the voice talent takes a 45% paycut.

According to a source, FOX says the show isn’t going to continue without the actors taking this 45% pay cut.  The top voice actors on the show, make $400,000 per episode.

FOX wants to keep the show in production and has even mentioned the possible launch of “The Simpsons Network.”  A channel that would air, nothing but The Simpsons re-runs.

FOX Network Entertainment President, Kevin Reilly recently said, “We’re having conversations with [executive producer] Jim Brooks trying to figure out what the next chapter looks like.  I certainly don’t want it to be on my watch where we have to make that change.”

Should the voice actors take the pay cut and keep the show going, or has The Simpsons run it’s course?

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