Ashton & Demi’s Marriage May Not Be Legal

The marriage of Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore has been looked at through a microscope ever since reports surfaced that Ashton cheated on Demi.  Now it turns out that the marriage might not even be legal.

RadarOnline is reporting the marriage may not be legal.  Here’s why…

Marc Aisen, filed a lawsuit in March against Ashton, Madonna and other Kabbalah members for racketeering.

RadarOnline says the lawsuit states, “”Mr. Kutcher made a media circus out of his Kabbalah wedding to actress and hardcore Kabbalah cult member, Demi Moore, who is a longtime friend of the defendant Ms. Ciccone. As the ‘First Couple’ of organized Kabbalah, the ‘wedding’ presided over by defendant and alleged fraudster, Yehuda Berg– which I am pointing out again was not a private family affair, as all parties used it as a publicity stunt and invited media attention — was not a legal union, nor is the marriage according to California law. Nor is the myth that there is such a thing as a traditional Kabbalah wedding as I can’t seem to find evidence in any book that such a ceremony was ever performed in history. It was a way to put a glamorous face on the weird witches which is antisocial in their every manifestation.”

So, um, yeah.  Maybe the marriage isn’t legal?  Very Interesting… we’ll have to watch it all unfold…


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