Foster The People Light Up Live On Letterman With Electro-Rock Dance-Jams – Watch On Demand!

From an up-and-coming indie band struggling on the music-saturated streets of Los Angeles to an immensely successful international musical force, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Foster The People[/lastfm] are models  for many other small bands looking to reach mainstream success while maintaining their musical integrity and not selling out.

Less than a year ago, Foster the People played a free residency at a small bar in Los Angeles. Tonight, they played an amazing free streaming show at the iconic Ed Sullivan Theater for Live on Letterman. Did you miss it? No problem, you can watch the entire show on-demand anytime.

Watch Foster the People’s Live on Letterman webcast right now on-demand:


The first track that [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Foster The People[/lastfm] played, “Houdini,” is an upbeat, synthy dance gem with soulful vocals and lyrics that entreaty the listener to “focus on their abilities,” despite apparent self-conscious doubts.

Foster The People went into their second track of their Live on Letterman set, “Miss You,” a lesser known tune from their debut album Torches.

Ripping through the raw, pounding drums, “Miss You” takes the focus away from the electro-buzz beat of many of their other songs, showcasing the rhythmic talent of Foster The People with a powerful instrumental ending and the sweet and stripped-down vulnerability Mark Foster‘s voice–without leaving him in puddle of sentimentality despite lovelorn lyrics like “I really miss you I miss you, I said smile at the chance just to see you again.”

After “Miss You,” Foster addressed the audience with his deceptively low voice and shy smile : “This stage has a lot of history…I can’t believe I’m standing on it. All I can think about is [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Jim Morrison[/lastfm] being on acid performing “C’mon Baby Light My Fire.”


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