Who Was The Surprise On The Price Is Right?

So, in our 100.7 studio we have a TV that sits on top of our counterspace.  They were brought into our studios during 2001, when we needed to have full media coverage during 9-11.  Now, they are here, always turned on, only can get 4 channels and the sound is always down.

So, every once in awhile during the day, I’ll turn around and look to see (by default) who is on the TV.  Price Is Right was on yesterday and I swear I was seeing things.  I saw the host, Drew Carey, and then I saw…HIM.  Was HE really on The Price Is Right?  Was he supposed to be on?  What was he doing there?

Did you see him too?

So, take a look at this video to see the GUEST surprise on the show.

Snoop swaggin’ out.  LOVE it!

All for charity too….even better.  I love when he says..”Who got a bird?”




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