Send Us Your Pictures Of YOU Steel-Bowing!

So this morning we took your Steelers prayers.  We figured Tim Tebow is not the only one that has the market cornered on praying.  We also introduced Steel- Bowing.  So, now…we want your pictures in Steelers gear….Steel Bowing!

Here We Go Steelers!!

What you’ll see when you click the link below to submit your photo:

If you’re not a member or are not already logged into your Star Hook Up account, you’ll see a page that prompts you to login or sign up. (Click the image to enlarge)
steel bowing log in or sign up Send Us Your Pictures Of YOU Steel Bowing!

If you’re already logged in, you’ll see this screen; just follow the steps to upload your pic. (click the image to enlarge)
steel bowing submission Send Us Your Pictures Of YOU Steel Bowing!

You’ll need to read this before going any further: Photo Submission Release

enter Send Us Your Pictures Of YOU Steel Bowing!

  • Sal S.

    Babba used the wring leg. Tebow puts his elbow on his left leg…not right! Do it right babba!!

    • Sal S.


  • Liz

    You probably just jinxed us. If you remember the debacle last year Of the Terrible Towel and what happened to the other teams when their fans stomped and spit on our beloved towel THEY LOST & we in Steeler Nation were apalled. I would like to think we as Steeler fans have a little more class. Also, we have on our team one of the most religious players in Troy Polamalu, so who are we to mock Tim Tebow. Just sayin.

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