J.R.’s Farewell

As you  may know by now, JR has left 100.7 Star this past Friday.    J.R. is a class act and we are excited for him in his future.  We are also very excited about our future at 100.7  Star.  In case you missed J.R.’s farewell speech, here it is for everyone that missed it.

J.R.’s Farewell speech from Friday:

I was in a big meeting yesterday.  At the end of the meeting, let me tell you guys something, and this is not bad news., its just news I want to update eveybody on.  My contract had expired and we were talking about what we were going to do into the future. We both;  management team and I have both agreed to not renew my contract going forward.

Obviously I wanted to say thank you to everybody for the last 14 years of my life I spent waking up Pittsburgh. I’ve had a blast doing it.
That’s why I am here.
I wanted to say Thank You to all the listeners.

I am excited about it, just the possiblity. I started thinking about it. I’ve seen two Super Bowl victory Parades. I’ve seen a Stanley Cup Parade and God willing, if it works right, Bubba and I will be going to a World Series game in the future.

I’ve made a ton of friends in the last decade and a half.

And to my friends number one, I want you to support these guys here Bubba and Shelley on everything they do at 100.7 Star. Wake up with these guys. You’ll still have fun.

To Scott, Mel, Zack and the gang, keep up the great work at 100.7 Star.

And to the management team of Mark Anderson and Michael Young, don’t lose my number (laugh)

It’s not really Good Bye, it’s see you later for a little while.

I count these two people as friends and I really, really hope you guys continue to support them and we will see you down the road!


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