Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Fallon’s Ice Cream Fight

Since it is late night and I’m usually in bed, I miss most Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert shows.  Sad, I know.  This past week on Valentine’s day, the former best friends had an ice cream fight over which one of their Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors was better. 

Did you see the video?

So, the ice cream war continues.  Stephen Colbert’s flavor (Americone Dream) is doing better in sales over Jimmy Fallon’s flavor (Late Night Snack).  Colbert popped up on Fallon’s show as a surprise and taunted him about his ice creams lackluster sales.

Watch the video here.  FUNNY!

  • travelingmad

    We were just talking about these ice creams in my branding class when we studied Ben & Jerry’s vs. Haagen Dazs!
    I’ve never had Colbert’s or Fallon’s ice creams. They are on my to-do list for summer fun when I return home.

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