Adam Brock Opens Up On American Idol

We, as Pittsburghers, need to step up and get American Idol contestant Adam Brock from Washington, Pa onto the Top 12 contestants.  Adam performs tonight with the top 12 men and tomorrow the top 12 women perform.  By this Thursday the top 12 men and women contestants will be chosen.

We will be with Adam’s family tonight at Angelo’s restaurant in Washington for BROCKTHEVOTE!

Have you seen this video of Adam?  We love him!

Good Luck Adam!

  • John

    /Adam unfortunately WAS eliminated, wrongfully in my humble opinion, as he apparently was not the type singer they needed to complete their neat little list of new and “interesting” voices that America needs to hear. Well, I think the judges blew this one this year, and Adam was definitely one of the strongest singers with true, lasting talent on this show, which sadly, but surely, is rapidly losing ground to the other VOCAL performance shows that stress THE Voice and not THE sideshow/ stage antics that some put forth to augment their less than stellar vocal apparatuses.

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