Hines Ward DUI Dash Cam Video Leaked

Dash cam footage of Hines Ward’s July DUI arrest hit the Internet yesterday. So, not only is he out of work since the Steelers released him a couple of weeks ago, but now he’s got to explain why his biggest concern after the arrest was ESPN finding out about it.Hines asked the cop, quote, “This going to be all on the newspaper though?” The cop replied, quote, “Only if you tell somebody.”
Then Hines said, quote, “No, I already know ESPN, they always be lookin’ for [crap] like that.”

  • Dena

    Hines did a lot for the Steelers and our community over the years. The Steelers cut him even though he was willing to play for less money, he just wanted to finish his career as a Steeler. So how do we repay him for this loyalty? By plastering his one indiscretion all over the TV, radio waves and the internet. Pittsburgh stations should all be ashamed of themselves.

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