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Shelley’s Most Embarrassing Picture

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So a small battle has ensued between the three of us.  It started with Melanie getting a ridiculously embarrassing picture of Bubba that was taken forever ago on his pleather couch at his old house.

Here it is in case you forgot.

bubbano1 Shelleys Most Embarrassing Picture

Then Bubba got Melanie back by getting a picture from Mel’s husband.  Not sure what Melanie is doing…but it looks like she has a goiter on her neck, and I really don’t even know what a goiter is!

In case you missed it.

embarrassingmel Shelleys Most Embarrassing Picture

Now….Bubba and Melanie plotted against Shelley as she returned from her 17 month vacation in Hawaii.

Here is how it went down.  Intern Adi snapped a photo of  Shelley with is Android Phone.  The one thing Shelley DID NOT KNOW was that he was using the pic, and putting it into a “Aging” app.  Now she is about to freak out….because here it is!

shelleyold Shelleys Most Embarrassing Picture


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