Pittsburgh Fans React To John Mayer Calling Taylor Swift’s Songwriting ‘Cheap’

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John Mayer and Taylor Swift (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

John Mayer and Taylor Swift (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

What could become the latest in celebrity feuds has Pittsburgh music fans taking sides and voicing their opinions of both John Mayer and Taylor Swift.

Instead of taking the battle to Twitter like Ashton Kutcher and Country music stars Miranda Lambert and Justin Moore did recently, John Mayer went the route of Rolling Stone magazine. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone , Mayer referred to Swift’s song “Dear John” as ‘cheap songwriting’. After rumors that the two dated it was evident that the song is about him.

On 100.7 Star’s Facebook page, we asked fans if they agreed with John’s take on Taylor’s songwriting.

For the most part, the response so far has overwhelmingly in support of Mayer according to posts from 100.7 Star Fans.

Medina Menozzi “Yes. Her songs are boring, repetitive and she is a 3chord wonder.”

John Bico “women & their ‘emotions’… what did she think was going to happen? he’s hooked up with nearly every starlett in hollywood…”

Kate Bravo “Taylor deals with every minor heartache with a song. And while I tend to enjoy her music, I agree with Mayer in this case. “Dear John” is a terrible piece of music.”

All hope is not lost for Taylor fans, there are a couple of people standing up for her…sort of:

Teresa Trich “Well, Mr. Mayer referred to himself as a songwriter, so that there tells me he’s full of crap. Also he’s 34…why the hell was he dating a 19 year old! This is what 19 year olds do.”

So what do you think? Is John Mayer right when he calls Swift songwriting cheap? What should Taylor’s response be or should she even respond? Does she need to justify her songwriting to anyone?

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