Dorothy Sandusky: Devil, Dumb Or In Denial

Come on. Tell me you aren’t wondering about Jerry Sandusky’s wife, Dorothy as the trial that could put her husband away for a long time is quickly coming to an end. Are you sympathetic or angry? And will she take the stand? We can’t image Jerry will based on the self-inflicted wounds he suffered during his ill-advised chat with Bob Costas a few months ago.

100.7 Star listeners had strong opinions today, none sympathetic by the way. Bill said, “She’s probably very similar to an alcoholic’s wife. You know, she turned a blind eye. Women are very intuitive, but most women have a tendency to say, ‘well, if I ignore it, it will go away'”.

Jennifer asked, “Like where was she the whole time? And if other people he worked with saw things happening, how could she have not seen things happening?”

Even if you don’t believe all of the testimony of the accusers, you have to ask yourself, “is Jerry Sandusky’s wife a devil, dumb or in denial?” Unless she chooses to speak someday, and I seriously doubt she will take the stand, it’s a question that will probably never get an answer publicly.

Oh, one more question. If she DID know what was going on, what should her fate be? And do we really want to believe she knew and did nothing about it? Is it easier just to believe she’s dumb? Wait, that’s two more questions. I’m sure you have plenty more.


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