The Verdict: Dottie Sandusky, In Denial Say Listeners

Comments yesterday about Jerry Sandusky’s wife Dottie were anything but sympathetic when we asked was she was”devil, dumb or in denial”. That was before she took the stand and testified on behalf of her husband and the defense. And since then, if our facebook friends are any indication, she didn’t do herself or her husband any favors.

Cassandra writes: sooo in denial.

Duane said: in denial she should be charged too.

Heather commented: She’s in complete utter denial. She’s probably lived with the wacko for so long that she’s been brainwashed into thinking it is ok.


Yevette: she is not in denial.. she is not dumb.. stoopid and sheer ignornce is what is best to describe her.

Bonnie: she is as disgusting as the coaches who also witnesses the abuse and never said anything until the trial!

What do you think? If you believe the accusers, is she as guilty or more so than her husband?

And the defense has just rested their case. Jerry Sandusky did not take the stand? Imagine how that would have gone.


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